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Combine the look, texture and durability of natural stone

Natural stone? Take a closer look.

Multi-Cast Design Inc. is a leading manufacturer of pre-cast architectural products for residential and commercial applications. Our product lines include lightweight plaster crown moulding, waffle ceilings, plaster cornices, indirect lighting coves, columns, ceiling centers, niches, panel mouldings, brackets, and custom work; as well as our exclusive line of Stone Cast fireplace mantels.

Our complete line of Cast Stone Fireplace Mantels combines the look, texture and durability of natural stone with the diversity and detail of pre-cast design. Every mantel is designed to give years of beauty, durability and style to your home. At Multi-Cast Design, we understand a fireplace is as much a part of the heart as it is the home, and it is this we strive to capture in our Cast-Stone designs.

For decades, our elegant designs have made us a leading manufacturer of pre-cast architectural products including plaster mouldings and our exclusive line of Cast-Stone fireplace mantles.  Just one look at our collection of handcrafted moulds and you’ll see the quality, detail and drama we bring to every room.

Our Cast-Stone fireplace mantles take the look, texture and durability of stone at a fraction of the cost and marry it with the diversity and detail of pre-cast design. No matter what kind of fireplace you’re dreaming of – from ornate French mantles to clean contemporary streamlined designs – we offer a wide choice of styles, tastes and accents.

Another of our specialties is custom work. If a fireplace insert projects from the wall, we can customize the mantel surround by extending its depth so it fits the fireplace and its projection exactly. Whatever your specific needs and tastes are, we can help you find a solution that fits perfectly while preserving the project’s architectural integrity.

As part of our continuous innovation process here at Multi-Cast Design Inc., we are introducing our new line of lightweight plaster crown moulding and waffle ceilings. Our lightweight range of interior mouldings and waffle ceilings is an alternative to the traditional plaster moulding utilized for centuries.

This innovative technology produces interior architectural elements created by high-density polystyrene and a thin layer of smooth plaster finish. The lightweight moulding and waffle ceilings are significantly easier and quicker to install than plaster, less prone to cracks and damages in addition to being an inexpensive product that will meet your budget. Available in a wide variety of standard profiles and sizes, our exceptional lightweight alternative is indistinguishable from plaster moulding and will leave your home exuding elegance.

 The installation procedure is simple for any tradesman or do-it-yourselfer.


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