Mantel Surrounds

Our complete line of Cast Stone Fireplace Mantels combines the look, texture and durability of natural stone with the diversity and detail of pre-cast design. Every mantel is designed to give years of beauty, durability and style to your home.

No matter what kind of fireplace mantels you’re dreaming of, from ornate French mantels to clean contemporary streamlined designs, we offer a wide choice of styles, tastes and accents. We make our stone cast material from a precise combination of high quality aggregates including lime stone powder and strengthen it with hardening admixtures that provide a tensile strength exceeding that of alternate products.

Fireplace Mantel Adriatic

If you have your heart set on decor that is sophisticated yet unadorned, the clean subtle styling of the Adriatic will find a place in your home … READ MORE

Fireplace Mantel Adriatic

Like falling in love, the Amalfi wins you over in stages; each sculptured level bringing you closer to the hearth. This beautifully shaped fireplace mantel … READ MORE

Fireplace Mantel Adriatic

This magnificent cast stone mantel, with its clean, uncluttered lines and beautifully-sculptured rounded columns, has the unadorned elegance … READ MORE

Fireplace Mantel Bologna

Solid ornate columns give the undeniable impression that the entire room rests on the hearth’s solid foundation. The Bologna is a fireplace surround that exudes extravagance … READ MORE

Fireplace Mantel Small Bologna

Like falling in love, the Amalfi wins you over in stages; each sculptured level bringing you closer to the hearth. This beautifully shaped fireplace mantel … READ MORE

Fireplace Mantel Bordeaux

With its bold, modern look, and chic contemporary design, the exquisite Bordeaux is equally at home as a fireplace mantel in a well-appointed residence, the lobby of a luxury hotel … READ MORE

Fireplace Mantel Canary

Reflective of a more traditional fireplace hearth, the Canary’s simple, unembellished styling and natural charm will appeal to the minimalists among us … READ MORE

Fireplace Mantel Capri

The pillars are symbolic of power and strength. The Capri’s contemporary, symmetrical styling affords a picture of simplicity and refinement. This is a hearth that dominates a room … READ MORE

Fireplace Mantel Catalonia

This impressive mantel, with its rounded arch and marble-like finish, can easily breathe new life into a room, or as they say in this north eastern part of the Iberian peninsula … READ MORE

Fireplace Mantel Chateau

Exquisite is a word that immediately springs to mind when one first lays eyes on this cast stone mantel. Exquisite lines and styling (again that word) produce a mantel surround … READ MORE

Fireplace Mantel Como

The charm and warmth of the Como envelops you, even before the fire is lit. With a Como fireplace insert installed, every room feels more inviting … READ MORE

Fireplace Mantel Cordoba

You can easily see the historical influences that shaped this magnificent fireplace mantel. In ancient times Cordoba was a Roman city and at its peak in the 10-11th centuries … READ MORE

Fireplace Mantel Devon

The Devon comes across as a cast stone fireplace mantle that makes you want to enjoy more fires. It’s fashionably sleek and subtle. It’s a mantel that intentionally … READ MORE

Fireplace Mantel Fairmount

Class and distinction perfectly describe this brilliant cast stone fireplace mantel. The prominent archway gives the Fairmount mantel its distinctive look, framing the fire area … READ MORE

Fireplace Mantel Florence

Of all the fireplace mantels Multi-Cast offers, ‘statuesque’ would be an appropriate word to describe this masterpiece. Named in honour of one of the most beautiful cities … READ MORE

Fireplace Mantel Granada

This cast stone mantel conveys European refinement. As a room’s centerpiece, it’s a mantel surround that will add an abundance of charm and sophistication … READ MORE

Fireplace Mantel Small Granada

Tastefully sculptured to give the impression of a much larger hearth, the Small Granada cast stone fireplace mantel will most assuredly make a huge impression … READ MORE

Fireplace Mantel Genoa

Exquisite craftsmanship and incredible design, the Genoa is a fireplace hearth that brings out the best in every room. On cool evenings, look to the Genoa mantle … READ MORE

Fireplace Mantel Lausanne

Classic styling, the Lausanne mantel is seemingly an architectural contradiction in the way it is stunning yet stunningly simple. Like any great work of art, every line … READ MORE

Fireplace Mantel Louis XIV

Classic lines and sculptured to perfection with luxuriant engravings, the Louis X1V mantle is reminiscent of an era when opulence ruled the day. Louis XIV, one of France’s longest … READ MORE

Fireplace Mantel Louis XV Classic

Born in the Palace of Versailles, Louis XV was no stranger to splendor and elegance. This exquisite cast stone mantel is of a design the king himself would welcome to his court … READ MORE

Fireplace Mantel Louis XV Grande

The picture of eminence, wealth, magnificence and distinction, the Louis XV Grande is a stone cast mantel that harkens back to days when kings and queens were pampered with luxuries … READ MORE

Fireplace Mantel Louis XVI

Cast stone fireplace mantles add a picture of elegance to every room. The Louis XVI mantel surround conveys power and authority, and would make a most appropriate hearth to a room … READ MORE

Fireplace Mantel Louis XVIII

Timeless elegance. Impeccable craftsmanship. This is a mantel that exudes nobility and majesty. For centuries, cast stone fireplace mantels like the Louise XVIII were a common sight … READ MORE

Fireplace Mantel Lugano

The question is, who needs a wide-screen TV when you can sit and marvel at the elegance of the Lugano stone mantel. The fire’s flame burns with excitement and its rapturous glow … READ MORE

Fireplace Mantel Small Majestic

Simple, luxurious, monumental. This is a stone cast fireplace mantel that adds a touch of majesty to every room. The Majestic stands out in a stately manner. It doesn’t seek to overpower … READ MORE

Fireplace Mantel Malaga

As cast stone mantels go, the Malaga features smart, sleek modern styling. It’s an impressive mantel surround, for the Malaga adds credence to the phrase “the heart … READ MORE

Fireplace Mantel Marbella

Attractive fireplace mantels can make all the difference in a home. Cast stone fireplace mantles from Multi-Cast add charm and value and are designed to bring out the … READ MORE

Fireplace Mantel Marseille

There is no place more delightful than one’s own fireplace. A mantel you will immediately grow to love and admire is the Marseille hearth. Intricate design details attract … READ MORE

Fireplace Mantel Mediterranean

And now for something completely different. The Mediterranean looks unlike any other fireplace mantel in our lineup. It’s for those who crave the unusual, who abhor the norm, and wish to add… READ MORE

Fireplace Mantel Milano

Mantel surrounds take many different forms. The Milano is a fireplace mantel inspired by the cultural heritage of this famous northern-Italian city … READ MORE

Fireplace Mantel Modena

For classic-looking mantels, look no further than the Modena. With its distinctive rounded edges, the Modena is a mantel you will look forward to gathering around … READ MORE

Fireplace Mantel Monaco

Charm. Distinction. A look of affluence and prosperity. Few cast stone fireplace mantels cast a greater sense of privilege and pride of ownership than the Monaco … READ MORE

Fireplace Mantel Napoli

There is scarcely ever a disagreement on one simple thing of life: there is nothing more relaxing than to sit during the winters with a hot cup of coffee in front of the fireplace … READ MORE

Fireplace Mantel Small Oasis

As a stately, rock-solid fireplace hearth, the Oasis is destined to become the centre of calm in your home. The Oasis, with its magnificent arches and textured mantle … READ MORE

Fireplace Mantel Oxford

Brilliant. Simple. Striking. The Oxford, like other Multi-Cast cast stone mantels, captures the essence of its namesake in its design and makeup. The Oxford fireplace surround… READ MORE

Fireplace Mantel Padova

The Padova’s European charm makes it feel so inviting. The warm, illustrious Padova stone cast mantel with its interesting contrast in pitting sharp lines against smooth surfaces … READ MORE

Fireplace Mantel Small Parma

The ancient Etruscans, known for their magnificent artistry, were the first to inhabit Parma. And the ancient sculptors would be proud of the Parma mantle surround … READ MORE

Fireplace Mantel Regancy

Carefully rounded and unadorned by design, the Regency is a popular cast stone mantel because of its subtle details. And maybe because of that, it’s the perfect complement… READ MORE

Fireplace Mantel Rosedale

Fireplace mantles very often become the centerpiece of a home. The Rosedale fireplace mantel is one such design that commands attention. This mantle featuring traditional etching … READ MORE

Fireplace Mantel Sahara

When one lays eyes on the Sahara stone mantel, it’s easy to imagine a sand dune with waves of sand moving in the wind. Most certainly, the planet’s largest desert … READ MORE

Fireplace Mantel San Marino

The San Marino is a solidly structured fireplace surround with optional over mantel that carries on the illustrious pattern right up to the ceiling. With the San Marino the shape … READ MORE

Fireplace Mantel Santorini

Can a room be called picturesque? It can and will wherever the Santorini fireplace insert is installed, because that room will be the one location in your home where you go to admire … READ MORE

Fireplace Mantel Small Savona

One would have to look far and wide to find mantels as attractive as the Savona. It features a timeless unembellished design that makes the perfect setting for a warm fire … READ MORE

Fireplace Mantel Siena

Picture the glorious hills of Tuscany and one can clearly see the inspiration behind the picturesque Siena. The Siena mantel surround will become not just a hearth in a room … READ MORE

Fireplace Mantel Small Siena

Elegant, sophisticated, dramatic, and very romantic. The Small Siena is one of the mantel surrounds that exudes a natural fluidity. Every detail is well thought out and carefully crafted … READ MORE

Fireplace Mantel Small Somerset

There is something intriguing about the Somerset mantelpiece, something about its ageless design that makes it stand out in the company of other fireplace surrounds … READ MORE

Fireplace Mantel Sorrento

From Amalfi Drive, a narrow road that threads along the high cliffs above the Tyrrhenian Sea, it’s said one can view some of the most beautiful scenery in the world … READ MORE

Fireplace Mantel Toledo

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And as fireplace surrounds go, many homeowners are beholden to the Toledo. This cast stone mantel, with its rounded pillars sets a powerful … READ MORE

Fireplace Mantel Torino

A spectacular way to showcase your fireplace is to install the Torino cast stone mantel. The Torino mantle with its prominent arches surrounding the fire pit, gives the appearance … READ MORE

Fireplace Mantel Small Torino

Beautifully adorned, immaculately sculptured, the Small Torino mantle, with its brilliant white finish, is a standout that walks a fine line between modern contemporary … READ MORE

Fireplace Mantel Toscana

For making a bold design statement, this is a cast stone mantel with character to spare. There is nothing shy about the Toscana – a fireplace mantel that is not afraid to stand out… READ MORE

Fireplace Mantel Valencia

Decorative. Lavish. A flourish of design, distinguished for its resplendent etching motif on the mantle face. The Valencia mantle surround is a monument to good taste … READ MORE

Fireplace Mantel Verona

Beauty is in the details, and in the Verona mantle the details are nothing short of breathtaking. Incorporating the finer features of other fireplace mantels, the Verona … READ MORE

Fireplace Mantel Small Verona

Traditional yet modern, the Small Verona fireplace surround brings together the best of both worlds. The Small Verona’s brilliant over mantel is built to accommodate a modern flat-screen TV… READ MORE

Fireplace Mantel Venezia

If building a work of art is a prime requisite for installing a mantel or mantels in your home, the Venezia may be just the stone mantel you’re looking for … READ MORE

Fireplace Mantel Vienna

The simple yet elegant Vienna stone mantel is so strikingly beautiful one can almost hear the musical tributes from Mozart, Schubert or Strauss. The Vienna is in the class … READ MORE

Fireplace Mantel Windsor Arms

The Windsor Arms fireplace mantle, with its undulating columns gives the illusion of movement, a design element that will conspire to enhance the dancing flames of the fire… READ MORE

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